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I have been studying astrology since I read my first Linda Goodman paperback in high school and the desire to continue to learn more about astrology both in theory and in practice has never left me.  I was fortunate enough to find my way to the National Council of Geocosmic Research in my mid 20's and after being certified through their educational program my professional life began. 


I view astrology primarily as a tool for self-awareness and ultimately self-acceptance.  I believe the gift astrology gives us is an understanding of what makes us unique, a sense of where we are on our life journey and some guidance to inform and enrich our approach to it.  With this knowledge, we can capitalize on opportunities and potentials ahead of us as well as weather challenging times with grace and foresight, utilizing our innate strengths and talents.


Each and every birth chart I look at inspires me.  Seemingly ordinary people become fascinating creatures and celebrities become human beings when astrology shows us the drive, potential, talents and the flaws we are all born with. 

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