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Our dogs are not immune to the influence of the heavens.  Knowing your furry friend's birth date may go a long way in understanding some of their behaviors and if they're going to be the right dog for you.  CELESTIAL CANINES will provide current and future dog owners with something useful and entertaining in each sign description.


After owning my first dog and rescuing another I decided to become a certified dog trainer.  Having those skills and being fortunate enough to have the birth information on both of my dogs, I realized that astrology worked for animals as well as people.  While a dog is clearly not as multi-faceted as a human is, I found that knowing some of the basics helped in terms of training them and understanding what motivates them.


Whether you are adopting a dog or purchasing one, considering whether the time of their birth was a good or bad time in your life will help in picking out a dog that is compatible with you and turns out to be a match made in heaven!


CELESTIAL CANINES is an informative and often humorous view of your dog according to the stars.  You can download the whole e-book or download each description by sign.  A complete line of CC COLLAR CHARMS has been created and is now available for purchase. *


There is even a charm for the rescue/adopted pet! 


*A portion of all sales will be donated to rescue.

Pawprints in the Stars

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