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Natal Chart Consultation

For first time clients.  This session will include an in depth analysis of your birth chart based upon the date and time you were born.  We will discuss strengths, areas of challenge and the potential you were born with.  This is followed by a look at the year ahead and what possible events or experiences you may encounter.  Consultations typically take one hour.                                                                                                              


Relationship Analysis

Are you and your partner meant to be?  Can you get along better with a sibling or a parent?  This is an analysis of two birth charts from the perspective of each party and a look at the two charts combined which provides a more in depth look at the purpose of your pairing.  These consultations require both parties present.                



Career Questions

Are you ready for a career change?  Are you having trouble on the job and need some guidance as to how to handle your co-workers or boss?  This consulation can provide you with some strategies to make these transitions or challenges easier.    


30 mins. - $50

                                                                               45 mins. - $75


Current Patterns for Returning Clients

For existing clients wanting an updated view of the year ahead.  Sessions pick up where we left off and provide a revised vision based on what events and experiences have transpired.  Sessions usually require 45 mins - 1 hour of time.     



Natal for Newborns and Children

This can be a great gift for a new parent.  Find out the future potential your child has according to the stars.  For older children, many of my clients have found that knowing how their children are astrologically wired has made parenting much easier, whether their children are 5 or 15.                                                                              


Timing Life Events for Success

Wondering when is the best time to start a business?  Get married?  Have surgery?  Buy or sell real estate?  This consultation can help you figure out the best windows of opportunity and give you a better sense of timing for a successful endeavor.            


Personal Consultations

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