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While some may think of astrology as limited to the horoscopes you read in newspapers, it's really an intricate and integrated process of discovery that gives a new perspective on life and where we are in it.  Heidi understands this and undertakes each reading as a serious endeavor.  She provides a thorough review, explaining with as much or little detail as you want.   Heidi was spot-on about many of my core character traits and personal growth struggles.  It was almost as if she had been eavesdropping on my most private conversations over the past year!

Diana - Montclair, NJ



Heidi has been giving me astrological advice for the last 3 years.  It has been the greatest gift as these last 3 years have been crazy and her analysis allowed me to make sense of it and navigate some pretty rough waters.  You might not agree with what's being presented to you at the time but as the year unfolds you will see that she is dead on. It is uncanny how on target her readings have been!

Martha - Verona, NJ



I have had several astrological consultations with Heidi over the past few years and have always been very grateful for the insight. She has been very accurate, thorough and full of wisdom while utilizing a warm approach which has stewarded me through some challenging life moments. She also provided a wonderful natal chart for my son that I've referred to many times over the years. In short, I'd recommend Heidi to anyone.

Victoria - New York, NY



I have been a client of Heidi's for 10 years. Not only has she helped me learn a lot about who I am as a person but I used this knowledge along with her expertise with other signs to deal with clients and coworkers and tailor my style to fit the audience in my career.  The information given is accurate and the manner in which she delivers it conversational and warm. I have recommended friends to Heidi and their expectations are always exceeded.  Heidi knows her stuff and how to deliver it.

T. Faye - NYC



I did not know much about astrology when I met Heidi but I had heard that her readings were incredibly accurate.  As a psychology major I spent hours taking all sorts of personality tests.  Heidi's assessment was more accurate than all of the tests I've ever taken combined.  Probably the most exciting thing to me is how she could take me through significant events in my life and give me an idea of what situations may come up in the future so that I could recognize and shape them in order to leverage my success and prepare for setbacks.


I also had readings done for my children to better understand them.  She described both of my kids so well it seemed like she had been living with us for the last few years. Having that knowledge helped to change our relationship.


P. Manning, - Montclair, NJ     

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